Our “HOW” or Mission Statement:

Making home maintenance more manageable on Long Island.

Our “WHY” or Core Purpose:

To energize communities by uniting teams through empowering leaders.

Phil DePaul, CEO of BoomZeal Enterprises, joined David Meltzer and Joe Tolzmann on an episode of The Playbook to discuss his journey, rooted in personal development. Their conversation highlights the pivotal role of lifelong learning and value-driven success. Watch the full episode of “Building Legacies in Entrepreneurship.”

The Playbook is hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, author, and keynote speaker David Meltzer.

Phil DePaul in BoomZeal Enterprises photos

The Paradox of a CEO: One Entrepreneur on Many Missions 

Our people are our best product! Find out more about the BoomZeal family of brands.

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